Welcome to Xsfx's Civilization Page!

 FIRST! you will need to find a copy of Civilization 2 somewhere. I have no intention of hosting the
installer, finding it isn't all that hard. Search "civilization2 download (DOS/Mac)", as a last first resort.

 I just don't need the headaches associated with "those" files. And I don't know what system you have.

 The next item is don't pass off what I have done as yours. Its wrong, and you know it. As matter of fact,
I did none of the cities, forests, mountains, and mechanical units. Everything else looked like a cat barfed
up pixels, I pretty much had a hand in fixing. There is even a steppe terrain set I made, looked wrong,
but if someone wants it, I'll post that too. Creds, Curt Sibling did the Industrial age pixel art cities.

 New Features!
 ·Settlers can BURN(mine) forests into desert, just that quick.
 ·Settlers can cryoform(irrigate) desert into tundra.
 ·Settlers can mine tundra into swamp.
 ·Settlers can mine ocean into swamp. Requires boat.

 After installing the game, you will want to save several files on top the original graphics and rules.

If game will not load and gives you a WinG32 error, place this in your civ directory!
If it still wont be reasonable, put it in your windows system directory. As always, MAKE RESET POINT!

 There are no manuals I know of, but plenty of youtubes for play mechanics. I should go through a few
concepts. You start as a Despot. Not very productive, but a start. You can use your one settler to either
explore, or make a city. Generally you will want to place cities where food sources and build materials are.
The ideal "square" is whitetail, providing food and resources. All special squares can be seen under
game concepts menu.

Krystara map, save under the civ2 folder you make!Rules.txt
Save all the other graphics files with links replacing the 1996 versions, same directory.
 The current map has several problems! If you want to play an actual game, access to water is not put in. Yet.
DONE! I will be adding the rivers and lakes later, this was a push out there for interest and letting you see what it looks like.
If you want to see the map, press <ctrl><K>, <shift><F2>, choose entire map.

Now that you see stuff, try a playable version, <ctrl><Q> Yes to quit current map. Select new map






Here is a section of the Krystara map, Pans Vale Adana Whitehelm
It is also out of date with current water terrain edits. The landlord hooked up your water. :D

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